Cloud Invoicing & Billing Software Benefits

My team at WinWeb has produced another great info-graphic about the benefits of online, cloud-based invoicing and billing software. I think getting your billing right and doing it ASAP is essential for small business, to maintain the best possible cash-flow for the business.

Professional Cloud Invoicing & Billing Software by WinWeb

If you click on the image it will open up in a bigger and more readable format.

We have asked some of our clients to share with us, how much benefit they see from using cloud-based invoicing software and some of the answers and insights have gone into this info-graphic. For me, the best of all results was that some claim a four week improvement on receiving payment for work done.

Reasons for this are, earlier invoicing, due to simplicity and global access to the software. My plumber uses my software, which I found out one day, when I received his invoice before he even left our house, I was very impressed. It shows he is a professional and on top of his game.

How are you doing your invoicing & billing?

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