iCloud for Business?

Yesterday saw Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveil iCloud, Apple’s new cloud computing offering for end-users. Question is what is in it for small business or even micro business?

iCloud For Business

Is there any professional accounting software, invoicing software, customer relationship management software, project, help-desk & service desk software, business planning software or any other small or micro business app? Is there anunlimited data storage and data back-up service for business?

The long or short answer is NOTHING! While Apple will undoubtedly announce that the new iWork App is for small business, or the 5GB data storage is for business, the truth is that none of this represents real business software or any benefit for micro business.

WinWeb’s Small & Micro Business Software Apps are also in the cloud and they are for business – iCloud For Business. You get everything in one place to run your small or micro business.

Running your business in the cloud is a multi-user affair, otherwise it would be quite pointless. You certainly do not want to have to share login details with others.

I see no functionality like that in Apple’s iCloud.

If you really want to run your small business or micro business in the cloud here are all the applications you are going to need, fully integrated and as Steve Jobs would put it:

“It just works!”

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