Micro Business vs Job

Job security is a thing of the past, no ifs & buts, it is. Why then are still so many hell bend on getting a job in a company?

Here are a couple of things to consider when considering your future:

☺ Income Security: You lose your job, you lost it all. You lose a client you still have the others left.

☺ Job Satisfaction: Plan you business well, do the things you enjoy and you will be good at what you do, bringing you even more clients thru word of mouth.

☺ Travel Time: Work from home, or use co-working spaces near by – cutting you unproductive time every day of your life and helping the environment.

☺ Life Balance: Be the master of your time, work when you want, play when you want – be part of your family.

☺ Higher Earnings: You will most likely earn more money when you have more than only one “client” (employer).

☺ Collaborate: Work with other micro business, freelancers and build your own eco-system for new orders, new clients, bigger orders and so on. Your micro-business co-workers recommend you as you recommend them for work in your or their specialized fields.

While I know it seems a scary prospect for many to run your own business – large or small – I’m sure it’ll be the best thing you have ever done.

If you are reading this, you are thinking about it – good for you.

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