Just Don’t Quit!

I ran one of the largest ISPs in the 90’s and it was not always easy (the understatement of my life), we were growing so fast, that we never had any money, our cash-flow was catastrophic, always.

During those years my CFO and I had a saying, “It’s going to be another interesting day!” – meaning, we did not know if we’d still be in business by the end of that day, literally.

I spoke the other day to a group of people about these times and at the end someone asked me, “How do you survive those years of extreme growth, decline, change and/or financial upheaval?”

That is a very good question and I’m sure many of you, running your businesses, are in the same position now and then – so here is my highly unscientific, but in my opinion the only correct answer:

Just don’t quit!

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