Top 5 Tips for Small Businesses on YouTube

The weekly top 5 tips post is always full of helpful hints and advice for small, home and micro business owners.

1. In order for your small business to get noticed on YouTube, make sure that you are providing content that is useful. Creating your videos to be used as learning tools is likely to yield better results than chasing viral success.

2. Make sure that your content has longevity and will not be outdated in a short period of time. This will mean that your videos will slowly work their way up the search engine rankings over the years as more people come to watch and share them.

3. One option for some of your videos is to be aware of popular trends and try to chase some of this traffic. Although this may give your videos a lot of initial views, the spike of traffic will only be temporary as soon as the trend becomes irrelevant.

4. Don’t use the video as a one-way medium to broadcast. A key part of successful YouTube business use is engaging with the people who take the time to leave comments or provide input.

5. Avoid using your videos to directly sell products. People who find your video will be looking for information, not an advertisement. If you consistently provide high-quality advice that helps them out, then they will become fans of your brand and ultimately purchase from you.

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