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We need more Jobs,… more Steve Jobs.

Would it not be nice to have more people like Steve Jobs on our planet? It would mean more great jobs for many, more great products and innovation, which after all is what drives economic growth. But what are we looking for when we are looking for the “Steve Jobs” type? I guess there is…

It’s more than only about the cloud

I went to a Kleinwort Benson Entrepreneur Forum last night and invariably cloud computing came up as a discussion point. On the way home it got me thinking about what makes my customers special, is it all about cloud computing, do they get it or is it even important to them? We recently had looked…

Customer relations – Sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that can offer the best returns.

This is my first post for The Small Business Blog and what I’ll be concentrating on in the posts to come is how we can build better relations with our customers thus raising our level of customer focus. What that means is that I’ll be sharing with you some simple and practical strategies that will…

Stock Markets – Legalized Gambling – The Cancer In Our Sick Society

When you listen to this guy during his BBC interview, it is easy to understand why you are losing you pension and savings. He claims that not governments rule the world, Goldman Sachs does. I believe him, how else can you explain, why our governments have not stopped the practice of “going short”, at least…

If you need a bank or government to start a business, don’t do it!

I my opinion, the business world, seen through a SMB/SME looking glass, has never been more cynical in my lifetime. Banks pretend to offer loans, they never hand out. Now they even offer business advice (they certainly should know what NOT to do) in an attempt to show support for small business. Many of my…

The Small Business Blog Is Changing.

After five and a half years writing articles about small business issues on this blog, I am going to follow many of my fellow bloggers and open my blog permanently up to a select group of interesting and relevant authors for my readership. In the next few weeks I will start introducing new authors with…

Top 5 Tips to Generate Low-Cost Web Traffic for Your Small Business

The weekly top 5 tips post is always full of helpful hints and advice for small, home and micro business owners. 1. Write articles about your industry that will either inform people or provide valuable advice, then share these articles for free over the Internet. There are countless knowledge portals and article e-zines that are…

Work Perspective

My favorite YouTube Video Business Video for this week by Geoff Burch:

Everybody loves a winner, or … “trusts” a winner.

Internet age businesses need to find a way to be trusted by their prospective clients. Often clients only see a website and never meet anyone personally from a new business they are thinking purchasing from. One way to overcome this barrier is to enter into a business competition. You don’t even have to win, just…

The Small Business Blog On Facebook

A week ago, I launched a new Facebook Page for The Small Business Blog – please come and join me to talk about anything to do with small business, micro business, home business, self-employed, business start-up …. Tell me what you think about my blog posts, leave your writing (comments) on my wall, give me…

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