Stilettos. Risk. Small Business.

Last night I went to a 50th birthday garden party of a good friend (Andy – great party and we all get there, in fact some of us have been there for a while) and his daughter, a gifted dancer, was walking around in stilettos on soft and uneven grass and I was getting quite concerned about her falling or even breaking her ankle.

It got me thinking about why she was taking this risk, if she broke her ankle surely her promising dancing career would be over before it started. Why the risk?

What is risk to you and me? Obviously risk is a very subjective commodity. As my wife would point out, me running my own businesses all my working life has not been without it’s risks. I, on the other hand, believe running a business to be the safest way to control your future and live a full-filled life.

Andy’s daughter, due to her training, enhanced balance, may consider the “garden-stiletto challenge” a simple walk in the park, sort of speak.

What seems risky to me may not seem risky to you at all, maybe we all need to get a more “open” risk prospective!

With the right training “risk” can even turn into “opportunity”.

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