Mark Prisk, MP Has Censored My Comment On His Blog?

Mark Prisk MP Small Business Minister CensorshipMark Prisk, MP – the small business minister – has censored my comment to his blog post “Working with small business“!

Here is someone who really cared about SMEs (silly me), he even spent a token “work experience week” (yes, a whole week) in small businesses to prove the point. So why was my comment censored, was I off topic, was I abusive? Whatever I did/wrote in my comment – I am censored!

Why – I don’t know why? I asked the question, when I left another message for Mark on his blog:

Apparent Censorship

Dear Mark,

two days ago I left a comment on your blog – my comment was not published, while some of my readers (Adrian & Julie for example) left their comments after mine and theirs was published.

I will write a follow up story on this along the lines of how sincere your are about learning what small business wants and needs. Given my history ( I am entitled to have an opinion, even if it makes uncomfortable reading.

I write to find out why my comment was apparently “censored”, to give you an opportunity to correct me if I’m wrong. My follow up to this story is planned for Monday, I hope this gives you enough time to respond.

VB, Stefan Topfer

I had also no answer to this comment. Instead a “trackback” link to some obscure website, which by violating my copyright, had republished my blog post. This website is currently offline, maybe due to its criminal activity?!

Mark Prisk, MP – asked for small business owners (that’s me) to let him know how he can help small business:

…. That is why I am always on the lookout for new ways of finding out what businesses want and need. Let me know your thoughts.

Apparently, he is not interested in my thoughts or in any comments that do not fit with his agenda. Nor is he interested in answering, why promises (Red Tape Challenge) made by his government to the SME community, are broken.

Sadly, it appears that spin is at the heart of these and other hollow statements made by this government, certainly with respect to micro businesses and SMEs. Many small businesses are faced with bankruptcy, ever increasing business challenges and red tape, many of which are made by ignorant politicians, maybe in good faith, but never the less extremely damaging.

As a small business owner, you are alone and can not expect any help from this government, my current opinion anyway.

(Note:- Photo from Mark Prisk’s Blog on the BIS.Gov.UK website.)

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