It’s more than only about the cloud

I went to a Kleinwort Benson Entrepreneur Forum last night and invariably cloud computing came up as a discussion point. On the way home it got me thinking about what makes my customers special, is it all about cloud computing, do they get it or is it even important to them?

We recently had looked at our client base and we looked at how old businesses are and how long clients had been with us, how many had gone out of business and so on. The mortality rate of our clients is way below the national average, in fact over 23% lower.

Surely that must be the result of our great cloud computing small business framework – software, e-commerce and services – right?

Wrong, the fact is our clients don’t care about anything like that. The don’t care about cloud computing, having the greatest and flashiest website or our services.

They care about their business, they care about their clients, they care about their staff, they are passionate about their business, they love doing what they do and most of all, they are focused.

Software, website and many other things are mere distractions to them. They expect us to do our end of the deal, to provide them with their small business framework and apart from that get out of their way.

To our clients, we are just a small cog in the finely tuned machine they call their business.

That is what makes them different and successful.

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