We need more Jobs,… more Steve Jobs.

Would it not be nice to have more people like Steve Jobs on our planet? It would mean more great jobs for many, more great products and innovation, which after all is what drives economic growth.

But what are we looking for when we are looking for the “Steve Jobs” type? I guess there is nobody better to talk about Steve Jobs, than Steve Jobs. Here are some of his past comments on what makes Steve tick:

1. Only do stuff you love – this is a common statement many successful entrepreneurs make.

2. Have a vision and a presence – be passionate about your business – this motivates others to work with you on “putting a dent into the Universe!”

3. Be creative and innovative – creativity leads to innovation, find the most unlikely connections and solve problems.

4. Sell a dream, not a product – Steve is the undisputed master of this. Tell people why the want/need your product.

5. Say NO, often – stay focused and follow your vision, don’t get distracted.

6. Surprise clients – do the unexpected and make peoples life/job better, more fun and easier.

7. Stay on message – know what you want to communicate and be consistent.

8. Ask “What would Steve Jobs do?” – I added this one!

I’ve got still a lot to learn – how about you?

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