WinWeb officially launches Office Framework for the Cloud


Traditionally Winweb has mainly focused on the micro business and the small part of the SMB/SME sector. But in the last 17+ years, WinWeb has grown with its customers.

Any company with more than 50 users would typically use vendors like, Autotask, NetSuite or even SAP. But now there is another alternative which should be far more appealing to the SMB/SME sector. WinWeb has developed an impressive list of 5,500+ software modules alone, to be able to offer solutions for the most demanding applications in this space.

Micro businesses will continue to be a main focus for WinWeb, with its online offering on its website, but its growing customer base in the SME/SMB sector will receive much attention too.

The customized and modular “WinWeb Office Cloud Framework” will deliver highly sophisticated and tailored business management solutions to the SMB/SME market in three main areas:

• Business Management Software in the Cloud
• E-Commerce & Online Social Media
• Virtual Assistant Services, Training & Mentoring

These three integrated areas will be WinWeb’s main differentiators, including a very competitive price point. None of WinWeb’s competitors can boast an as impressive array of apps and services.

Now any business can afford this kind of integrated IT and business infrastructure, leveling the playing field for all SMbs/SMEs. With WinWeb’s aggressive pricing in this vendor space, it will be interesting to watch the pricing models overall.

WinWeb recently launched its “Authorized WinWeb Consulting Partner” network and “Authorized WinWeb Cloud VA” network – this should help to provide the necessary market penetration to compete for market-share in this expanding market.

The cloud future looks good for SMBs and SMEs.

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