Facebook the new AOL?

In an excellent article about “What Facebook Really Wants“, Nicholas Thompson of The New Yorker Magazine, writes about how Facebook is trying to create a sub-internet, an all encompassing online world for its users.

Nicholas is clearly worried about a future where one organization controls your online life, tells you what to think and read. “Google does the same”, you say and I agree. In my opinion all these mega organizations trying to find a way to grow even faster and even bigger.

But as we all have been able to witness with AOL, it does not work. The biggest danger these organizations face is their size, their bad behavior, their lax attitude to online privacy and IMO there anti-competitive behavior. Even so we can not see it yet, these companies are fighting for their survival, because they know their end can be as fast as their rise. Who remembers “MySpace” – when did we talk about this company last?

Over time their press is going to be so bad, that it will become socially unacceptable to get involved with these organizations. It is already happening, here we are, writing about Facebook, Google and Co. – you can watch the tide grow.

For that reason I’m not panicked about what Facebook will announce next week, in my mind, they are the new AOL!

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