Content Marketing: Create, Repurpose, Recycle, Curate

I was with a client yesterday morning running a future thinking and strategy workshop for their directors. In the workshop we discussed how the creation of content is becoming increasingly important to help us get found, to get recommended and to build credibility in the world that we know live. It’s becoming an increasing and essential part of any effective marketing plan.

If we think about how we buy and research things, this is never more important than on the internet where great content in the form of blogs, articles, testimonials, newsletters, case studies, success stories and lessons learnt stories etc can be great ways to build credibility with your customers current and potential.

This is also backed up by data and research, which according to Marketo, 93% of B2B buyers use search to begin their buying process (

Going back to the workshop, the clients that I was working agreed with this but then started to voice concerns about the content creation process with statements like:
•    What do we have to say?
•    I’m not a great fan of writing
•    How much can we say about our industry?
•    etc
•    etc

These are common issues that I hear from many companies that are not used to creating new content for their marketing.

However, here’s the key to all of this: Your marketing does not always have to be about you.

Telling stories about your clients’ successes, interviewing people that your clients would find interesting, sharing and commenting on articles or resources that your clients would find useful……all of these ideas and others are not about you but about other people.

Also, the key is also not to think one-dimensionally about content. For example, if you are going to interview someone that you find interesting and think your clients would to then video it. Why? Well, because you can upload a video, strip out the audio to create a podcast or transcribe the interview to create the content for a newsletter or blog post.

For me, the trick is not to think that one piece of content can only be served or used in one way and at one time. What we must remember is that we are all different and consume our information in different ways according to our own preferences and how we best learn. We also need to remember that assuming that old content will get found is a big assumption. So, refreshing and redistributing your old content from time to time is really helpful for you and can also be really helpful for your customers current and potential.

So, if you are thinking about creating content to help with your marketing (and you should be) then think about these 4 words: Create, repurpose, recycle and curate.

Do that and you’ll be off to a flying start.

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