60% Lower Fuel Costs for Small Business Employees.

Fuel prices are rising and they will keep on doing so, whether we like it or not. This week MPs in the UK parliament are to express there concern about the ever increasing prices at the fuel pumps. This is not only a problem in the UK and it hits small businesses hardest. But what can be done?


Intelligent use of integrated cloud IT infrastructures.

Do we really need to travel to and sit in an office, if the work could be done from home. Even if you only worked three days a week at home and two in the office. It would lower your fuel bill by 60%.

The business would benefit too. Smaller offices, hot desking and lower overheads would all be direct benefits from such a move.

Often small business gets hit hardest because nobody seriously thinks about the alternatives. Big-Cos reap all the benefits while small businesses sit on the sideline, squandering their competitive advantage by being technophobes.

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