Top 5 Tips for Making Your First Sale

The weekly top 5 tips post is always full of helpful hints and advice for small, home and micro business owners.

1. Offer your product or service at a lower price if someone tells you that they already have a supplier. Reduced risk is always an attractive proposition.

2. Be tenacious when it comes to chasing up a lead. If someone can see how hungry you are to make a sale they may decide to take a chance on you.

3. Using a prototype of your product can often be better than trying to describe it. Send them out to potential buyers who may be willing to stock it.

4. Try to avoid mentioning your inexperience when direct selling. Many buyers won’t even continue listening after you tell them that you are a new business.

5. Use the Internet and social media to create a buzz around the launch of your product. Build the anticipation and start a pre-order mailing list.

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