The mindset of small business

I recently came across a couple of interesting INFOGRAPHICS relating to small and micro-enterprises in the UK and USA which I would like to share with you.  The first is from the UK based on research from Smarta – the DNA of Sole Traders. In a nutshell it says that UK sole traders are ‘motivated by freedom; are web-savvy but use a spread sheet to do their accounts; go to bed late, don’t have a pension and don’t like the government’.

DNA of a Sole Trader

DNA of a Sole Trader

The second is the US ‘Small Business Happiness Index’ indicating that 77% of micro-businesses are happy or extremely happy that they work for themselves; have more customers than they did at the start of the year; welcome expert advice on a whole range of business issues and rely heavily on referrals as the most effective marketing tactic.

Given the economic climate world-wide and the lack of support generally for micro-enterprises (by this I mean businesses employing 0-10 people, including sole traders) it’s a wonder we’re not all shutting up shop and yet the number of new business start-ups continues to grow. In the face of adversity, feeling the pressure of economic downturns, established small businesses are clinging on and making the best of what they have, and it would appear remaining optimistic and positive about working for themselves.

Later this week, the Enterprise Rockers web site re-launches with a brand new look and clear mission – to make life better and fairer for micro-enterprises. For this to succeed, the positivity and energy of small business needs to be channelled into supporting each other through inter-trading, improving the quality and value of essential services, and finding a united voice which stands out loud and clear that micro-businesses matter, that micro-businesses make a positive difference to our communities, our economies, and to the general wellbeing of our countries. The tenacity, resilience, perseverance, flexibility and absolute self-belief in what they are doing make micro-business a force to be reckoned with.

There is much to be learnt from the mindset of small business – isn’t it time to start listening?

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