Top 5 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Business Tips

For small businesses, keeping on top of digital marketing channels such as Twitter can be time consuming.
The article identifies five of the best Twitter profiles that are publishing relevant and useful information for SME owners and employees.
From online marketing advice to trend analysis and hardcore metrics, these five profiles provide a wide range of topical advice.

Twitter is a great source for up-to-the-minute information, letting you absorb information that has been summarised or presented in a way that strips it down to the bare essentials. For small business owners time is always tight – and this has never been truer than in the current difficult economic climate. Let’s face it, do you have time to read ten different blogs a day? Twitter goes some way towards solving this, but the amount of information can still be overwhelming.

To help keep it more focused, we’ve put together a list of the top five business Twitter accounts that should be essential reading for SME owners. Read on to find out who they are, what they specialise in, and what you stand to gain by following them.

1. Kyle Lacy
Whether he’s waxing lyrical about the benefits of LinkedIn for personal branding or handing out top tips for Twitter marketing, you’ll always find a novel viewpoint or a useful list on the Twitter stream of Kyle Lacy.

The author of Branding Yourself and Twitter Marketing for Dummies is an active tweeter, sending out the latest articles on using social media for small businesses, and as well as answering the odd question. A good one to follow if you like perky, personable messages from an industry specialist!

2. UnMarketing
Legendary (un)marketer Scott Stratten runs the UnMarketing blog where he lists his stories, gripes and general ramblings. Different, often original, and more unpolished than any of the other accounts you’ll find in this field, following Scott on Twitter is what you do if you’ve lost faith in the conventional wisdom and want something more unique.

UnMarketing is just as likely to tell you where you’re going hideously wrong, as it is to show how to make the best campaign. It’s this uncommon ability to be unflinchingly honest, while still remaining helpful, informative and personable, that has helped Scott scale the giddy heights of Twitter fame. One to follow if you like to laugh while you learn and aren’t afraid of taking a more unorthodox approach to your business.

3. Small Business Trends
Small Business Trends looks at the important issues and hot topics that are relevant to SMEs. Anita Campbell, Small Business Trends founder and co-author of Visual Marketing, is the face of their main Twitter profile. She sends out information on the latest posts and features from the blog, tweets about the latest development for small businesses, and answers questions on running a small business.

There’s a technology focus to the tweets, with topics like social media and online marketing techniques taking a prominent place. But don’t think this is just another business technology blog, as Anita offers plenty of sound general business advice too.

4. MarketingProfs
For some hardcore metrics and trend analysis, check out the news feed from Ann Handley the Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, who runs its main profile. MarketingProfs is very focused on the world of digital and marketing, rather than broader small business information – and thanks to this, it means you won’t miss a thing about online marketing if you follow this account!

This is a profile that is insightful, active, informative and very engaged. It’s not one for the novice, but if you’ve found your feet when it comes to the digital side of promoting your business, then you won’t find a better way to keep on top of the latest developments (and maybe ask a few questions about them).

If you run a small business in the UK, then there’s no better Twitter profile to follow than this one. This is a great complement to some of the other more technical profiles listed here. Following this account will keep you up to date with all the latest news that’s relevant to UK SMEs, including the changes to business law, the latest research on workforce issues, opinion pieces, useful tips on the latest government funding initiatives and information on business services, such as serviced offices. A must for anyone who is set up in the UK, but contains some good advice and articles for any SME, wherever they might be.

This helpful article was kindly provided by Digital Marketing professional Alexa Garthwaite, of Executive Offices Group. Follow her on Twitter @alexagarthwaite / @execoffices

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