Benefits of Storage for Small Business

Not long ago it was significantly more costly to set up a small business. Advances in resources for working from home, such as high speed broadband among others have played a huge part in the changes. Factors such as lower priced technology and the increasingly cheap and more flexible options offered by storage companies also plays its part in the rise of small entrepreneurs.

Business no longer needs a physical shop space and so can advertise to the world from its home and so in the last decade we have seen a huge change in the way many businesses begin and are handled.

Home Business

Running a business from home used to come with the negative, of either having to section off an area of the home for stock, or having to purchase or rent a retail space. The advent of self-storage allows a flexible answer to this. Users can use their own stock control methods to ensure they have the goods needed on hand, while they can store others for periods in stores.


Storage options are significantly less costly than retail space, and many have the additional benefit of allowing entrepreneurs to use more or less space as their stock levels require it, mirroring this in costs, which are usually charged per square foot. Second to this, a storage solution for delicate goods is also provided for, with humidity controls in place for goods susceptible to damp environments.

Obviously, security plays an important factor when storing goods. Many entrepreneurs don’t feel comfortable with thousands of pounds of stock sitting around the house. Storage companies providing 24 hour CCTV, with individually alarmed rooms and sturdy perimeter fencing, provide safety homes never could.

Receiving Stock

For entrepreneurs who receive large stock, or deliveries via articulated truck, storage solution companies provide space and parking answers, which conventional streets, or roads just can’t. They also present options for unloading, such as pallets, trolleys and in some cases designated forklift drivers that require investment. Such lifting equipment obviously takes the cost, time and pain out of unloading stock.

Clearly, access is imperative and many of these storage points provide this seven days a week, with some even making provision for packaging needs via an onsite shop. This allows entrepreneurs to prepare items when onsite and save time, while being as productive as possible when on task.

Financial Aspect

Financial, storage solutions are also a positive, with costs low and storage flexible. People with storage needs often find the room required fluctuates, fortunately with such storage solutions it is possible to increase or decrease storage room depending on levels of stock. This means taking up less footage of an area when it’s required and so means paying less. Contract lengths are also quite short, with contract termination periods as low as seven days and storage allowed on the day signed up.

Storage solutions flexibility, economic costs, access and safety make them undoubtedly an ideal solution for the ways of much commerce in the 21st century.

This helpful business advice was provided by Drew Davies on behalf of Big Yellow Self Storage

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