Busting a few blogging myths for small businesses

When I speak to business owners, whether to a group or one on one, about social media and, particularly, blogging, I often get a sense of unease in the room.

A lot of that is to do with people’s fears about writing, being wrong, being creative, having enough time, criticism from others etc etc.

This post aims to bust a few myths about blogging is and is not, from my perspective and was inspired by an exchange I had with another blogger on this site, Lorraine Allman, the other day on Twitter where I shared my perspective on blogging and what it is to me.

Lorraine Allman tweet

So, let’s bust a few blogging myths:

  • A great blogger does not need to be a trained writer. Like Seth Godin says in Talker’s block write like you talk. Everyone has something to say.
  • Blogging is like a muscle. You have to train yourself to get better. However, with practice you do get better.
  • When you blog, you don’t have to be right.
  • Blogging is about sharing your opinion, your analysis, your perspective.
  • Blogging lets people know what you stand for, should be part of your branding efforts. In a world, where many of us are looking for a more personal approach to doing business with a company or a person this is a great way for you, your personality and your thoughts to reach beyond you needing to be there.
  • A blog post doesn’t need to be long. In fact, some of the best blog posts I have ever seen are short.
  • A blog post doesn’t need to be written. It could be a video or a sketch or a photo or an audio recording (podcast) or a slideshow or……

Shall we blog?

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