Guide to Winning New Clients

Your business will only succeed if you have a healthy client base. In that respect any business, big or small, faces two continuing tasks. Winning new clients and keeping existing clients. Both are as important as each other and together they will ensure the success of any business. In the current economic climate, winning new business can be extremely difficult, but there are various techniques you can use to your advantage.

Here we’ve got a few tips on how to win those all important new clients.

Corporate hospitality

Corporate hospitality is a great way to show potential clients how much they are valued to you. In the UK at the moment, one of the best options for this is by purchasing hospitality packages at major sporting events. Think how much your clients may enjoy a corporate day out one of the top Premier League clubs in the country. It’s all about leaving a lasting impression on your potential new clients. If you can prove you’re willing to go the extra mile to secure their business they’ll be assured of your commitment towards them as clients. Providing them with an unforgettable day out will ensure your enterprise is never far from their thoughts when conducting business.

Conduct press relations

The personal relationships you have with key editors of local magazines and national publications can be critical to the public exposure of your company. Public relations is one of the most credible and cost-effective ways to capture the attention of your target market. When you wish to promote new aspects of your business it’s important to issue press releases and use your network of contacts to ensure these are published, grabbing the attention of your target market. Furthermore you can assemble professional press kits to begin making some contacts, by packing together the following: a detailed description of your business, company literature, contact information and any relevant photographs.

Put in place an internet marketing strategy

There are various ways you can use the internet to win new clients and new business. These options range from pay per click advertising, blogging, use of social media and search engine optimisation (SEO). If this isn’t necessarily your forte, look into the possibility of employing internet marketing experts to conduct this on your behalf. With continuous traffic each and every day there is huge potential for securing new clients through online means.

This helpful business advice was sponsored by The Executive Club at Manchester United

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