Top 5 Small Business Twitter Tips for Newbies


Top 5 Tips posts are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners.

1. Try to avoid any Twitter “gaffes” by making false assumptions about the service. Many brands and high profile people have made embarrassing mistakes on Twitter by posting tweets publicly that they didn’t mean to, so learn from them.

2. Change your Twitter avatar from the default ‘egg’. Use a picture of yourself or your business logo instead.

3. Post thoughts and observations about your industry. Obviously you should avoid saying anything controversial or being negative about competitors, don’t forget they can see what you are saying!

4. Put your Twitter handle on all marketing material, online and offline and check your messages regularly. People are increasingly going to Twitter as first port of call when they need support.

5. Above all, remember to be authentic and genuine on Twitter. Try to always show your real self to the public because when people purchase from small businesses they like to know the person and the story behind the product.

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