Sell Up & Sail?

It must be Easter soon, or some other major holiday, because I’m thinking (or more dreaming in my case) about travelling and quite possible not coming back. You know what I mean, the sort of ‘ I’m going now and I maybe a while…’ holiday.

But the reality is, you no longer need to abandon your job or sell, to sail!

Sell Up & Sail

Example, I went shopping with my wife the other day and while in Sainsbury’s I had a call from a client who needed something done right away. Using my iPad I went online, logged into my Cloud CRM and got it done, fast and easy.

Using today’s technology makes you even more independent than ever, as we at WinWeb have been for many years already. Working from home, working online, working while holiday and now even working while shopping or traveling is no problem anymore.

I think the only problem we still have with all this, is in our heads. We believe we need a desk, office and so on, when in many cases we don’t! I understand that many need to go to open their shop and work in their workshops. But is that really true for most people?

In my case, I think of my life as a whole and no longer in terms of holiday or work time. As long as I have my MacBook Pro, iPad or even my iPhone, I’m in business – and yes I’m an Apple junkie!

You don’t need to sell your business anymore, you just need to understand that your work is part of your life-style! Then think about your staff and make their work part of their life-style, with massive benefits for your business.

My advice this Easter – Don’t Sell, Just Go Sailing and keep in touch with your business while you are doing it – Happy Easter Everyone (bit early I know)!

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