Life Is In Session

Last night I watched a movie with my wife, and the actress in the movie kept on saying, “Life is in session”. What was the movie?

No, seriously – it got me thinking about the whole life journey thing, what makes it interesting and what gives it meaning? It being Easter (obviously not enough work and too much time on my hands), I began to think about my own life and why I do what I do or more to the point why I love what I do? Let’s face it why else would you want to do anything otherwise, right?

I love life because what more is there!
~ Anthony Hopkins

I am spending my days with my family, friends and you my readers, clients and business partners. I guess, it is obvious why I am spending time with my loved ones – family and friends.

The interesting question here is, why am I spending my days with you, my readers, my customers and business partners?

All of you have one thing in common – you all run or manage businesses. When I get in contact with any of you, you will tell me what you want or what you need, what your dreams and plans for your future are and why you do what you do. You are shaping the future not only of your life and business, but also of the people you work with, of new products and services and the life of your customers.

That is what I love about my job, I am in contact with you, people who have a plan and an agenda, always. That is interesting, often exiting and always full of promise for the future.

For me, running a business means – ‘Life Is In Session’!

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