London 2012 Olympics – Even Better Business

Excitement for the London 2012 Olympics is visible everywhere in London these days, but how do you enjoy the games when you have a business to run?

London 2012 Business

You may even be one of the lucky ones and have a ticket to an event. Or you fear the interruption it will cause to your daily business routine, whichever it is, here are some ideas on how to run your business and enjoy the 2012 London Olympics.

Run your business in the cloud – stay in touch with your business, even when you are sitting in an Olympic sports arena and enjoying a sports event.

Get an Apple iPad – who wants to carry a big laptop computer around? The iPhone is a little too small to do any serious business, but is great for email and basic web services. But the iPad is as good, as any laptop for serious business apps.

As much as you can ‘eat’ 3G internet – I like the 3 Networks One Plan on my iPhone. Personal hotspot and unlimited data use makes this the ideal tool for me to be mobile and in touch with my business or write this blog post for instance.

All this can have long lasting benefits for your business, much beyond the 2012 Olympics in London.

There is one added bonus for visiting the Olympic Village this year – if we have a hot summer – it may be the only place to see ‘green’ grass in the UK’s south-east!

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