Pinterest is of B(iz)interest

The not so new kid on the social media block, Pinterest, is causing some waves. Question is – is it anything, business owners should get involved in?

The short answer is YES.

Pinterest is especially useful if you produce iconic goods, art or great visual material that looks good on a billboard.

Essentially, you are sharing images, people can look at them and follow the image back to it’s source, i.e. you or a website.

Even if your services and products are of a ‘visually average’ nature, just connect them in a blog post to a great image that is loosely relevant and then ‘Pin It’ on Pinterest.

You just need to remember that the world, or in this case Pinterest, is not only about you, so be social, engage, follow and build relationships and Pinterest should prove another great tool to build your brand.

Pinterest is currently by invitation only – if you need an invite just contact me by email and I will send you an invitation. You can follow me on Pinterest, too.

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