Top 5 Tips for Small Business Product Exporting


Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners.

1. Don’t blindly assume that exporting is the right option for your small business. Sometimes it is best to establish yourself more firmly in your local area or home country rather than branching out.

2. Understand the risks you are taking when exporting. Rapid expansion could make you forget all the core elements of your business that made it great in the first place. Remember there is no guarantee of success.

3. You will need to do a lot of research before even considering exporting as a course of action. Different countries may have laws that prohibit the sale of your product or there may just not be a valid market for you.

4. Don’t underestimate the importance of the culture within the country you want to export to. You must be sensitive to local customs and their way of doing things, or you stand no chance of acceptance.

5. Use a virtual office solution to keep your costs manageable. By doing this you won’t have to risk much money at all to get your product available on a worldwide basis and still provide localised support.

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