Is Your Accountant A Bean Counting Historian?

These days we hear much about business mentoring and business consultants and how important it all is to the survival of all SMEs/SMBs.

I can’t help but wonder where it all went wrong?

Business has always been surrounded by advisors, who could have helped, their accountants. Why this need for all this mentoring and consulting?

Reading a story on the WinWeb Business Blog and following discussions in the LinkedIn Accounting Group like “Do Accountants Still Matter?” and “How do you become a Trusted Advisor both within a company and to external customers/clients?”, you know something is very wrong!

SMEs/SMBs need support from many quarters, but financial planning has to rank as one of the highest. Why are so many accountants hiding behind their desks and tax calculators, instead of going out to help their clients to survive and prosper? It would be good for their own business, too. Is the fascination of a beautifully completed tax return so great, that accountants forget about the business future of their clients? Are they actually working for their clients or are they working for the IRS or HMRC?

Every business owner needs to look for more than a bean counting historian, when it comes to doing your financial books and tax returns. History will teach you lessons, if you understand how to read your companies financial history, that is! Learning these lessons and planning for the future accordingly, needs a ‘working’ relationship with your accountant.

Do you have a ‘working relationship’ with your accountant? Or are you in the accounting profession, how do you work with your clients? Let me know…

PS.: It is good that some accountants are beginning to ask the right questions, as mentioned above. Is there hope yet?

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