How Cloud Computing is Revolutionizing Project Collaboration and Gaming

As technology has advanced over the past decade, cloud computing has revolutionized life for both businesses and individuals. Cloud computing allows users to store data, process information, and retain settings on a central server.
This allows mission-critical data to be stored in a safe location. This prevents the accidental loss of data through fire, flood, theft or electrical glitches.

A Little History of the Cloud

Cloud computing uses the internet to transfer files and data. There have been several different iterations of cloud computing over the past decade. Early cloud computing allowed users to store a backup of financial software on a central server. Since the early internet was much slower than a modern internet connection, it often took a significant amount of time to transfer files. A backup of local data was usually made during the night.

Modern cloud computing benefits from broadband internet connections. A modern consumer-oriented internet connection can transmit high-definition images and audio in real-time. This allows users to stream movies, audio, games, and other information quickly and easily.

Many services allow users to store a backup of all their files and folders on a central server. These services can mirror a local hard drive in real-time. In addition, it is possible to create a local copy of data stored on a server.

Benefits of the Cloud in Business

SIP Trunking

Businesses can leverage the cloud by communicating over IP, also known as SIP trunking. Allstream SIP trunking, or from similar providers, can be a great way to empower cloud technology as it allows you run all your data and voice traffic – local, long-distance and inter-office – on a single IP backbone.
Project Collaboration

A cloud drive or shared folder will allow multiple people to access the same resource. This allows for excellent collaboration on shared projects. One of the challenges of project management is maintaining a set of shared resources. It can be difficult for multiple people to work on the same presentation, document, or data set. Cloud computing allows multiple users to view and edit files at the same time.

In addition, some programs allow users to see the changes other users are making in real-time. Individuals can provide real-time feedback while another individual is working. This can create a positive environment for brainstorming, nurturing talent and proofing documents.

Gaming Industry

The cloud is also used by video game and high-end graphics companies. It can be expensive and challenging to process high-end graphics on a computer. Cloud computing allows users to render graphics and other processor-intensive work on a central server. This can be a valuable tool when creating models, rendering an animation, and computing a complex set of equations.

Gamers can also take advantage of the cloud, which allows users to play games over an internet connection. A gamer purchases a small set-top box that connects to his or her television. This set-top box acts as a video receiver with an internet connection. An audio and video stream of a game is transmitted over an internet connection, where users can see it on their television. Inputs from a user are transmitted through the set-top box.

New advances in computing technology have revolutionized life for both businesses and individuals and will continue to respond to the demands of an ever-increasing tech-driven market.

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