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I was told in an email today, by a dear friend – using her words, ‘you are most definitely unemployable’! Thinking about it, she is right. I love to live my life my way, work the way I want to work, regularly ignore advice given by people who have never done anything themselves, enjoy my…

Small Businesses suffer from Late Payments

The issue of late payments has been a long debated topic amongst business professionals and CEOs. Whilst the current economic climate continues to hit the private sector hard, the added pressure of avoidable debt is an unwelcome factor. The latest Project Merlin figures show that small businesses in particular are still experiencing difficulties in access…

Business Success

Business success is not only when you make more turnover, be more greedy and employ more people. Business success is when you have more time for your family. Business success is when you make more money for yourself. Business success is when you enjoy getting up and going to work. Business success is when you…

Starting A Business

You don’t need a job, start a business. You don’t need a VC to start a business, bootstrap. You don’t need to go it alone to start a business, join the Enterprise Rockers. You don’t need help from government to start a business, you won’t get it. You don’t need an MBA to start a…

SME: Spin Or Lie?

When a government uses terms like SME to mislead the public about what it is doing for small and micro business, what is that? When a government uses terms like SME in connection with public procurement and excluded over 70% of SMEs from this process, what is that? When a government uses terms like SME…

Shopping with the Indies

If the title of this blog leaves you imagining a high street full of Harrison Fords then ladies of a certain age can calm down now and gentleman of the same age need not feel so threatened: when I refer to Indies I am actually referring to Independent Retailers! When Tony Robinson OBE; yes I…

Top 5 Tips for Selling Online

Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners. 1. Let people know the story behind your business. Many people support small businesses purely because of the people who are in charge of them and knowing about the struggles they go through.…

People to People (P2P), Not B2B/B2C

Business should be simple. Simple is good. So why complicate the hell out of it? Business to business relationships or business to consumer relationships? We all use social media, have we learned nothing? Are you social with Siemens, just because you bought their washing machine? I should think not. You may be social with the…

12 Year Old Explains National Debt

Can’t argue with that, can you?

Making do is no longer an option

OK, let me start to paint you a picture of office life at Mother’s Garden, the English/Catalan micro business based in a little office in our old farmhouse in The Priorat, Catalunya, north east Spain. It will be self evident why we need to evolve. Perhaps this is how things are for a few of…

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