The Easiest Customer May Also Be The Best

I love reading Seth Godin’s Blog – you should click over to it, it’s worth it – he has a way to extrude the essence out of all kinds of stuff and topics.

But sometimes he gets it spectacularly wrong, at least in my opinion. In one of his posts he asserts that:

The easiest customers to get are almost never the best ones.

If you’re considering word of mouth, stability and lifetime value, it’s almost always true that the easier it is to get someone’s attention, the less it’s worth.

That is looking at customers from a sales man point of few, which is so last century. To me, there is no connection between ‘a customer’ and ‘getting someones attention’!

You should focus on customers that need what you have to offer, means you don’t have to sell to them.

In that scenario, the easiest customers may just be the ones who understand and need your offering and don’t need selling to.

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