Top 5 Tips for London 2012


Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners.

1. The London Olympics are expected to cause travel chaos for small businesses and the general public this Summer. Make sure that all your vital journeys are well planned in advance and that you identify potential alternative routes if you get stuck.

2. Aside from vital journeys, it isn’t advisable to actually travel anywhere in London right before and after Olympic events. You can also expect to see increased traffic in Hertfordshire as well because all the shuttle buses going to the venues will be departing from there.

3. Keep your customers informed. Let them know that you will still be open during the Olympic period. Now would be a good time to start up a website for your business if you don’t already have one.

4. Make sure your deliveries and other services are not going to be affected by the events. Keep in close contact with suppliers so you know what is going on with them.

5. Planning is important to make sure you are adequately prepared for the festivities. Overall, the Olympics are likely to be an excellent opportunity for many small businesses to increase revenue as long as they are prepared.

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