Bespoke Software Apps In The Cloud

Need some software? Well, what you do is go online and sign up for online software or order a boxed software product to help you manage your business.

But does it really ‘help’ you manage your business, or does it just put you in a software ‘straight-jacket’?

In reality this software dictates to you how you run your business, your work-flow and customer interaction. Many data fields you may need are missing or you simply don’t need. That is the problem with ‘off-the-shelf’ software, it has to offer something for as many people as possible. Consequently it is not a very good solution for anything or anyone.

What about customised or bespoke software apps? They are usually very expensive and take a long time to implement.

Not so with WinWeb Business Cloud Apps – every app is tailored to your needs. Better still, you get a free demo, during which their App Specialists set the software up for you, customise the app to your needs and train you how to use it in one simple process. All that takes usually no longer than one hour of your time, best of all, this all is without any obligation to you.

You just have to make one single decision, do you like the software and want to use it, or do you not. You only get charged if you want to use the software, what could be better and fairer than that?

Bespoke business software for every business is here at last, affordable & easy.

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