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Day May 30, 2012


I was told in an email today, by a dear friend – using her words, ‘you are most definitely unemployable’! Thinking about it, she is right. I love to live my life my way, work the way I want to work, regularly ignore advice given by people who have never done anything themselves, enjoy my…

Small Businesses suffer from Late Payments

The issue of late payments has been a long debated topic amongst business professionals and CEOs. Whilst the current economic climate continues to hit the private sector hard, the added pressure of avoidable debt is an unwelcome factor. The latest Project Merlin figures show that small businesses in particular are still experiencing difficulties in access…

Business Success

Business success is not only when you make more turnover, be more greedy and employ more people. Business success is when you have more time for your family. Business success is when you make more money for yourself. Business success is when you enjoy getting up and going to work. Business success is when you…

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