3 ‘Must Dos’ To Beat the Big Boys at Biz

No Major Tom

Just call me ‘Ms Responsible’. I can officially kill the rumours that I’m booked onto Branson’s Galactic space tourist flight. I admit that I will miss being with my peers, such as, Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton and, the smoking, Brad Pitt.

I’m not going because I’ve been so sickened by the greed and corruption of those running banks, the media, big companies and governments that I’ve decided to lead by example.

I’m going to lead real, honest, small and micro business owners to the Promised Land.


This promised land is a land where Enterprise Rocks (http://EnterpriseRockers.co.uk) and biz owners can have their uncommon freedom plus enough readies to live a decent, happy life for themselves and their families. So, Prudence is now my middle name.

The space trip was a snip at £125,000 but on a recent outing I came across a few of life’s essentials that used up my loose change. There was this pillar-box-red leather handbag from Balanciego that I just had to have because of the little shiny padlock to keep my treasures safe.

Then, as you know, hemlines are high this summer and OMG, I realised I had absolutely nothing to wear. Well, you don’t get many Pucci, hand embroidered dresses, with shoes to match, for the price of a space trip.

Screwing the Big Boys

All the new jobs, innovation and wealth creation already comes from small and micro business owners – government and big business has been cutting jobs for years despite their senior management getting richer and richer. My best-selling book on enterprise ‘Stripping for Freedom’ showed what Micro Business Owners do better than Corporate Managers.

My investigations also showed that despite their ‘We support Smeese’ spin, Government and Big Business only seriously fund and support each other. It’s essential that small and micro business owners accept that they are the competition with the Big Boys and not try to get too close or copy what they do.

The good news is that small and micro business owners can screw the Big Boys if they just follow the Soculitherz rule of 3 (3 gold credit cards; 3 cars; 3 Pucci hand embroidered dresses each season; 3 rich men in 3 different cities in 3 different countries – you get the idea!?). Even my inept, fashion disaster, rubbish entrepreneur and agent, Tony Robinson OBE, can count to three so there’s no excuse for you, dear reader, not remembering these.

The Soculitherz Rule of 3 for Small and Micro Business Owners

1. Bootstrap, where possible, rather than risk losing control.

Never lose control of the business you have started. Banks, investors, angels, government training and support schemes, directors with shares, anyone that makes demands of you can grab a piece of your biz and so is a threat.

It’s a threat to your brand, your beliefs, your motivation, your customers, your business building and your earnings potential. Even producing a business plan to meet their needs can be a massive set back in time, usefulness and eventual compromise on where you want to go with your business.

You can only take advantage of the 2 rules below if you retain full control.

2. Spend most of your own time with potential and existing customers and suppliers.

Small and micro business owners are better sellers and buyers than the most highly paid Sales and Procurement Directors in the top 100 companies.

Why? Because exceeding their expectations matters more to the business owner than anyone else. Old school selling is dead and customers will pay more for the emotional satisfaction they gain from buying from someone they trust and care about fulfilling their wants and needs.

Don’t get bogged down with admin – talk to WinWeb. You are an essential part of your brand and this can’t be replicated by the Big Boys.

3. Just do it.

Think fast, fearless and flexible. The Big Boys run businesses through ritual, clubs and processes not through know how, values, and customer satisfaction. Meetings, plans, budgets, operating procedures, expert managers and consultants all look the part but it’s just a game. It’s also slow which is why they always miss the boat and have to acquire smaller innovative businesses or rip customers off just to stand still.

It is why casino traders in the Banks can bring down whole economies and why government ministers don’t realise that some of their policies and programmes abuse human rights,

Never fall into the trap of doing business in the way they, and business schools, say business should be done. They know about corporate and institutional career progression but not about the best way to earn a living through your own business.

Whilst you’re out there backing your hunch, risking your own money, testing out a new product, service or market and winning new deals – they’re still planning, budgeting, reviewing and meeting.

Enjoy. Get involved, free, with the Enterprise Rockers (http://EnterpriseRockers.co.uk), and you won’t go far wrong.

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