Lower Fuel Costs While Making Your Business Greener

During the economic downturn many SMEs will be feeling the pinch, however many forget that small changes around the workplace along with educating staff can drastically cut fuel costs. With potential to significantly cut fuel costs any investment will pay for itself in the long-term. This in turn will make your business greener and more sustainable – a win-win situation.

British Gas found that almost 46% of business electricity use happened outside staff hours, such as lighting car parks and leaving electronic equipment on. This money could be better invested elsewhere.

Get an Energy Audit

Either you can get a third party to conduct an audit or conduct one yourself. There are a number of resources online that can help but if you are unsure or short of time it might be worth getting a professional to do a thorough audit. Common changes include installing accurate thermostats, shutting down office equipment at night and changing lighting systems and bulbs. An overall audit is recommended though as it could identify less obvious problems.

Use Monitoring Tools To Identify Peak Times and Anomalies

Energy companies now have a myriad of tools to help you keep an eye on your energy usage. For example British Gas offer Business Energy Insight. After installing a smart meter onto the premises you’ll never see the term ‘estimated bills’ ever again. The web app will then collate your usage into clear graphs, create downloadable reports that can help you spot peaks, trends and irregularities. They also offer advice to maximise your savings. See a case study from their ‘Energy Live Challenge’ here:

Educate Your Workforce

If your employees don’t know about your efforts to reduce energy use they may impede your efforts. Create guidelines to give to everyone so they know your exact goals and what you’re doing to reduce costs, get their feedback. If their work patterns are different to yours they could have unique insight into your energy use around the workplace.

If all SMEs took these steps we could drastically cut the UK’s carbon footprint.

This helpful article was provided by Matthew Moore.

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