A Little Slower. Much, Much, Much Faster.

New product releases are always a challenge, but customers are not stupid.

When a customer considers buying the older model of computer, instead of the latest model and asks what is the difference, you say: “It’s a little slower!”

Your colleague next to you answers the question: ” Why do I need the later model?” To which he answers: “It’s much, much, much faster!”

Problem is, both potential customers heard both conversations and “A little slower”, is just not the same as “Much, much, much faster!”

No wonder both customers walked away without buying, you and you colleague are just salesman!

And who wants to buy from a salesman anymore?

You just lost that little bit of trust that this customer had in your advice, and any chance of repeat business in the future. In short, you damaged your reputation and your business.

Customers may not understand every ‘geeky’ term and meaning, but they will remember how you made them feel today.

They will remember for a very, very long time AND they will tell their friends – many, many, many friends.

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