Top 5 Tips for introducing Pinterest into your Small Business


Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners.

1. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks but before getting involved you need to bear in mind that it is very different to the other main networks.

2. You will need to invest time to be a success on Pinterest, just like with every other social network. Pinterest is not suitable for every type of business, so if you aren’t sure about it then your time might be better spent elsewhere.

3. Pinterest is a great way to showcase all of the great things about your products and services that your customers love. If you are a crafter then you can share wonderful photos of the things you make or if you own a store you can post pictures of your staff with happy, smiling customers!

4. You can use Pinterest to highlight any special offers or events that your business runs. Some great photographs are all it will take to get people sharing.

5. There are numerous SEO benefits to using Pinterest. Your Pinterest page will appear highly on search results, provided you are active on it and keep it regularly updated. It also serves as a great way of creating backlinks to your website.

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