Why licensing is a good business move in the current economic climate

The management of innovation is very important. Without discipline, innovation is not controlled and sculpted in a way that is beneficial to a business. The money spent on research and development has to show a return on investment – this is where innovation management comes in.

Innovation lies right at the heart of all successful organisations and businesses. Innovation management is a constantly growing industry because it seeks to harness the drive of innovation and focus it towards measurable – and achievable – business results for competitive business advantage.

In this current economic climate, more businesses than ever are turning towards innovation consultancy and management to drive their strategies forward. This means that the market for consultants is also expanding, with plenty of attractive opportunities available for motivated people looking to branch out and own their own businesses.

Licensing offers a great way to get into the innovation management business as a consultant. Under license, the consultant will benefit from a proven business model, an established track record, comprehensive and targeted training in the latest innovation techniques and theories, along with complementary skills training in coaching, training, mentoring and pitching.

Indeed, having the support of an established business like www.runmyownthink.com is the main benefit of taking a license rather than starting an innovation management business from scratch. The overall risk to the individual is significantly reduced, and aside from collateral being provided, a range of support networks exist. This means licensees can concentrate on actually doing business and developing a portfolio of clients and promoting creativity.

Self-employed licensees coach decision-makers from large organisations to use innovation to revolutionise their sales, marketing, team building, management, product development and more. They run workshops to encourage decision-makers to think in new ways, using tried and tested techniques – and help to capture, shape and define the outcomes, for the organisation’s senior executives to take forward and implement.

A license fee cover usually covers all the marketing requirements to get a business off the ground, so in the current economic climate becoming an Innovation Management licensee is a more attractive proposition now than it has ever been before.

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