The importance of meeting space for startups

It is very important for any small business to create a good impression. Whether it’s a potential employee or a big-money client, appearances and perceptions are everything in business.

An increasing number of entrepreneurs and small business startups are indicating that coffee shops are no longer an appropriate venue for holding business meetings. Business critical concerns are now being raised about hosting an important meeting in a café or coffee shop, with problems such as safety and security, professionalism and eavesdropping raised by SME owners.

Professionalism is everything in ensuring the success of any new business that’s going to market. A dedicated meeting or conference room is therefore much more beneficial to improve productivity and avoid any data or confidentiality leaks that could occur when holding a meeting in a public place.

It may also be the difference between instilling confidence in a potential client that you are adequately equipped to carry out the task at hand or not.

It may appear like a catch-22 issue to some business startups however. Some owners feel they won’t be able to afford to book a meeting room until they are making mega bucks, but it is in fact possible to secure proper meeting space in a professional working environment.

Some SME owners are still happy to work from home and simply hire meeting space on an ad-hoc basis. There are in fact meeting space providers who cater specifically for startups and are ideal for job interviews, consultations and client briefings.

Small businesses may look to serviced offices as a flexible solution to finding meeting space as well as the next step up from homeworking. Flexibility is the buzzword with serviced office space as most startups can secure workspace within days on short term contracts with minimal notice periods.

Serviced offices provide businesses with a fully furnished office, complete with manned reception staff and common services such as telephone answering, hotdesking and access to meeting rooms and conferencing facilities.

Always make sure you read the small print before agreeing to any contract. Some operators will include hidden costs such as charges for internet connectivity, telephone line rental, call charges and more. Make sure you are aware of the costs and you will avoid any nasty surprises.

Serviced offices are usually located within thriving business centres and subsequently tenants will have the benefit of access to meeting rooms within the premises. Most operators will allow the hiring of meeting space from an hour to as long as an entire week, depending on your requirements.

The importance of professional meeting space should never be underestimated by any new business owner. It will almost certainly be the difference between winning and losing new business, which is ultimately the be all and end all of the success or failure of any new venture.

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