Are you missing half of the opportunity?

This post was inspired by an article that I recently read on Fast Company called: Acquisition Is Sexy! Retention is Boring…Right?

It’s coming to the end if the year and if you’re not in the swing of preparing for the Xmas rush I guess that your business will start slowing down as Xmas approaches.

If that is true then it’s the right time to start thinking about next year.

Moreover, with an environment that continues to be tough and will remain so……retaining customers is an essential thing.

I believe that we take a lot of this for granted because we’re not taught it when we learn about business in school or books or from others

Peter Drucker, a brilliant management consultant, writer and thinker, once said:

The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer

If your marketing and business operations are only or primarily based on acquisition then you’re missing half your business or half the opportunity.

Now, who thinks retention isn’t sexy?

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