Is it the end? Far from it

Everyone up to speed on the Mayan calendar? Don’t rush out and buy one, because it ends …. er …. two days after tomorrow, as may the world as we know it.
Are you sticking fingers in your ears and humming loudly every time someone raises the idea that we may have only a few hours, not decades, to run on our mortgages and business loans, the only hitch being we are all going to die? Try the Rolling Stones Doom and Gloom. Works for me.
Here in the distant mountains of Catalonia, I’m a UK micro business person who is physically (and cerebrally the good woman might add) out of the loop. Strange game living far away from the market place. But technology allows me to, and shows what is possible.
Regarding the Mayans, I still want to believe something significant is about to change and am, in a way, a tiny example of how it already is. The idea of humanity being wiped out overnight is not worth making contingencies for (for obvious reasons), but fundamental change is.
I’m talking about the world order, the establishment and the economic extremes of gross wealth and unthinkable poverty that have become the numbing norm under unbridled globalisation. What if that was rewired, or to fall apart completely? The paradox is that in selling anything and everything to feed globalisation – cosmetics to young girls, grossly violent computer games to impressionable youth – the ageing masters of the system have sold the key to a new order; knowledge.
Knowledge is power, and all the profit that has been made in the “communication” market has a consequence that the controllers cannot control; self-determination for the individual through instant access to, well, answers.
That is changing the game, isn’t it? Everyone can have a billboard, and we can get our message across; namely that you don’t have to be a big-spending brand to build trust and loyalty.
So let 2013 be the year of the micro-businesses. Take the technology on board and show them how good you are. Use the knowledge.

Wishing you peace and fulfilment in abundance,
from us all at Mother’s Garden. Merry Christmas.

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