Benefits of a multi-day conference

Time and money have always been a major consideration for businesses, even more so in the current financial climate. With budgets tight, many companies are looking to trim back expenditure by reducing travel costs, slashing marketing budgets and even downsizing the number of staff. Company conferences and events have also seen financial cuts.

However current research shows that companies who have swapped their multi-day conference for a quick meeting in the office are probably suffering as a consequence.

In the south west, for example, there are plenty of conference venues which can cater for multi-day events, and their budget conscious packages may just surprise you. Here are some of the many benefits of a multi-day conference.


Conferences are the ideal background for some serious networking. While lectures and presentations are beneficial, feedback suggests that a positive conference experience is largely based on the exchanges between delegates. Exchanging information allows attendees to learn from others who are in the same profession. However, building professional relationships takes time, so allowing discussions to continue over dinner will firmly cement relationships

Plenty of time:

The ideal conference should allow plenty of time for attendees to participate. Question and answer sessions should be allowed to organically evolve without the added issue of time pressure. Extending the conference over two days will create more time for delegates to digest information. One-day conferences have the potential to overload attendees with information and not offer enough time for reflection and discussion. Coffee breaks may be just as productive as the lectures themselves.

Break out:

Attending a multi-day conference will offer delegates a break from their daily routines and leave them feeling energised and refreshed. Time out from the office can be a positive experience and renew interest into their industry or profession.

Flexible friend:

Multi-day conferences also allow the event organiser some flexibility. For example, if a session is over-subscribed, there might be the chance to run it again the following day. Likewise, discussions which start to overrun could also be continued at a later time.

Travel time is useful time:

Hotel based events will take all your delegates out of their comfort zone. Train journeys to and from the event are an extension of the conference, allowing professional peers and co-workers to engage.

If you think your company has not got the budget for a multi-day conference then perhaps it is time to think again. Plenty of venues across the UK offer corporate packages to suit firms of any size. For more helpful advice regarding event planning and logistics, take a look at some of the South West and Bristol conference venues on offer.

This helpful small business advice on business conferences was sponsored by Meetings Four You.

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