Infographic: Is your small business prepared for disaster?

Anybody who watches the news cannot have failed to notice the chaos that has been caused by extreme weather over the last few years. But behind every news item like the super-storm Sandy in the US or the floods in the UK is the often unreported story of the knock-on effects it has had for local small businesses.

If your small business has lost valuable working days or has been financially affected by nature, you aren’t alone. But despite the grim possibility of your business being hit by a natural disaster, it seems like most of us are doing very little to try and prepare for the worst.

The guys at AliBaba have conducted some interesting research to try and uncover just how widespread the lack of disaster preparedness is amongst small businesses in the US.

The results are actually quite shocking. According to the survey, despite all the high-profile disasters in 2012, nearly three-quarters of the respondents have not got any form of disaster recovery plan in place for when it hits them. A massive 84% don’t even have adequate insurance to protect them from natural disasters and would most likely have to close their entire business if affected.

Take a look at the great infographic below for the full results of their survey.

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