Top 5 Tips for Using LinkedIn

Top 5 Tips for Using LinkedIn


Top 5 Tips posts from the SME Blog are always full of hints and tips for small, home & micro business owners.

1. LinkedIn is a great way to make connections and maintain business relationships. It is the most professional of all the social networks and as such should be used differently to your company Facebook or Twitter. Except on rare occasions, try not to add many people who you haven’t actually met or had dealings with. Most people will not accept your invitation to connect unless they already know you.

2. Unless you fully complete your profile when you first sign up, LinkedIn will keep nagging you to do so. This is with good reason. Unless you have a full and complete profile you are wasting some of the potential of the website. A finished profile will ensure that all the people who should be able to find you will be able to do so. This includes a full work CV, profile picture and don’t forget to update it with new relevant information too.

3. Don’t post frivolous things on your profile status, leave that kind of thing behind on Facebook. You should however share information about your business (although don’t overdo it!) and relevant articles and links about your industry that people might want to read – they will be thankful to you.

4. Join groups related to your industry and start participating. You will find a lot of interesting discussions and perhaps make new connections.

5. Even though the Events function is no longer supported, you can still use LinkedIn Groups to find out about events that are taking place in the offline world and make new connections, who you can then in turn add to your LinkedIn list of contacts!

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