Infographic: Do you need an MBA?

Many people think that they require a high level of education in order to be successful in business. That simply isn’t the case, as the infographic below points out.

Although MBAs are more popular than ever in the US, the total cost for doing one (when you factor in books, housing and other expenses) is estimated at $120,000 and tuition costs continue to rise while salary costs are remaining stagnant. This means it is going to be harder than ever for students to pay off their loans.

The other statistics about MBAs in the infographic are enough to make anyone think twice before signing up – they generally earn very little more than someone with a Bachelor’s Degree and it isn’t a requirement for success – neither Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or Richard Branson have an MBA. George W. Bush is the only U.S. President who has one.

MBA Infographic

via MBA Online

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