$100,000 to skip University

$100,000 to skip University

Imagine being paid $100,000 at the age of eighteen, on the understanding that you would not be allowed to attend university (for awhile, at least)?

For one British teenager, this is not a “What If?” scenario but actual reality. Andrew Brackin has won an Apprentice-type competition devised by PayPal billionaire Peter Thiel and operated by the Thiel Fellowship that pays for people under twenty to skip university and go to San Francisco for two years to work on their business.

Thiel believes that further education is a waste of time for many of us and that those years would be more effectively utilised running our own startup businesses. Andrew will get his chance to test that theory because under the terms of the agreement, he won’t be allowed to participate in any formal study for the next two years.

Do you agree with Peter Thiel about skipping university and just getting on with the business of doing business?

via BBC Newsbeat

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