Infographic: Choosing an Ecommerce Platform

Many SMB owners are often stumped when it comes to choosing an ecommerce platform that is right for their needs. There are several different options available, depending on the type and size of business, the technical ability of your team and your budget.

Do you want to be able to modify every last detail, or would you prefer a platform that works right out of the box? Are you after a basic package that you can choose additional features for later on, or do you want to go all-in and pay a single cost up front? How many channels do you want to manage from the get-go – and do you want to add to these as you go along?

These questions are important, but they often overwhelm would-be ecommerce shoppers. You don’t need the added burden of looking into every intricate detail whilst trying to run a business – so Brightpearl have done the hard work for you! Follow their “Which Ecommerce Platform is Right for Me?” flowchart to take the stress out of ecommerce research.

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