Feisty Enterprise Tip #1: Suck It and See – Find Out If This Is Your Right Time

If you have other ways of earning a living and you feel that you haven’t enough know-how, or enough available time and money, to get through the first eighteen months of your own business – don’t do it.

In my opinion there is no better way to earn a living than being your own boss but ask other small business owners what it’s like and whether they think you can do it.

Disgracefully, some of the people that are the most persuasive about ‘everyone can start a business’ or there’s ‘a business in you’ or ‘now is a great time to start’ are people with fat salaries in jobs.

You can always ‘suck it and see’ – do some business part time while in a full time or part time job. In some countries there are tax incentives to encourage this. Don’t believe all that rubbish about needing to be full time in your business to be serious.

What you seriously need to know before you go full time is that you can get customers to buy your product or service.

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