Feisty Enterprise Tip #2: Get a Support Network Behind You, Say ‘I’ll Get Back To You’ and Then Phone a Friend

The scariest words to a prospective or existing small business owner are ‘I’m from the government (or bank) and I’m here to help you’.

If the schemes and websites of free support for starting a business are primarily run and sponsored by government and financial services companies then B-E-W-A-R-E. My opinion is that they are often as much use as the ‘Onesie’ is to fashion (or for when you want to go to the toilet). Which reminds me I’ll never forgive you for giving me one as a Christmas present – do I look like someone who has always yearned to be a zebra?

Some of this free advice is ‘boiled down’ big company business practice and much is produced by people that haven’t successfully started their own self-employed or micro business. The advice is so yesterday. It is stuff from antiquity that belongs in a museum like you, my hopeless, ancient agent.

Most successful business owners I’ve interviewed operate in a very different but more dynamic, straightforward and flexible way than is recommended by government.

For a start in the real world it is important to be constantly on the look-out for, and then taking, new opportunities to make money. Much of what you do to grow your business is unplanned but your speed to exploit the opportunity and ability to make the deal – do some business – are vital.

Come back next week for another feisty enterprise tip from the elusive Ms. Soculitherz and avoid embarrassing fashion faux pas by following her on Pintrest!

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