Yahoo: The next Apple?

Yahoo: The next Apple?

New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has already made a few controversial decisions in her brief tenure, but the decision this week to purchase Tumblr – currently one of the most popular social networks – will likely be the most “make or break” moment in the history of the company.

As well as the Tumblr purchase, they also announced a reboot for Flickr. The formerly very popular photo-sharing services has largely been forgotten by most internet users since the acquisition in 2005.

Until recently most people felt that Yahoo was practically finished, but Apple was similarly written off in the 90s and they managed an amazing turnaround to become the biggest tech company in the US.

It seems likely that it might take something similar for Yahoo to make it through this decade. Do you think that they can achieve it or will Tumblr become the next MySpace?

via Slashdot

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